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Passionate about facilitating regenerative learning, ecocentric experiences, & nature and cultural connection.

Facing today's survival imperatives, we can, as we have in the past, make cultural evolutionary decisions and actions to avoid catastrophe. Looking at cultural evolution through a Big History lens, the REC program seeks to explore the choices and directions that different cultures have taken to lead us to the Anthropocene and its environmental crisis, to find where culture can evolve—not through the dominant growth and advancement trajectory, but by considering where less dominant cultures offer alternative cultural evolutionary options.

After 25 years of teaching and learning from ecocentric communities around the world, we have developed a set of programs to connect committed communities, working together to co-create a diverse & inclusive universal ecocentric identity and practice through our multi-demographic learning forums and programs.

It is possible to consider a sustainable way of living as not going against the tide of history, the growth imperative, or trying to halt or destroy technological advancement? There have been many times in history when societies have chosen to turn back from the wrong path.

Instead of looking at the world as ‘modernist’, we can view it as including contemporary hunter-gathering tribes, indigenous peoples, sustainable and subsistence farmers, and other communities. We do not have to look only to silicon valley or the largest growing economies and militaries for direction or even redirection. 

Historical progress seen as a movement from agriculture to empires and religions and scientific enlightenment is not the experience of all contemporary cultures and not a necessary measurement of success. The REC program explores cultural evolution through academic inquiry, and the shared consciousness and living experiences of participating learning communities around the world.

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Dr. David Krieger

EdD Education Leadership

Program Facilitator

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Tashmyra Crowe

MEd Curriculum development

Montessori teacher (12-18)

Program Facilitator

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Seraphine Appel

PhD Philosophy 

Program Facilitator

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